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Social Responsibility

Social Responsabilty

Aware of its social role , the SUS is not the only philanthropic service A.C.Camargo Cancer Center focuses on. In 2014 the following assistance activities were carried out:

  • Distribution of 2,314 diapers to children and geriatric patients;
  • Donation of 1,602 breast implants for patients with breast cancer, including patients from other institutions;
  • Free distribution of 6,720 drain ports to patients;
  • Free distribution of 550 tracheostomy protectors for patients;
  • Housekeeping Support for Needy Children with Cancer, free assignment of property located at Aclimação Avenue, in São Paulo (with waiver of the lease in the amount of R$ 84,000/year);
  • Support for Dona Carolina Tamandaré Foundation, which developed a project involving 61 children and teenagers in the Glicério Neighborhood (in the state capital), performing health care in general and the donation of groceries, toys and books. R$ 144,000 is annually donated for aid and R$ 55,000 relating to the waiver of the rental property that the Antônio Prudente Foundation gives for the activities of Dona Carolina Tamandaré Foundation.