Residency and Professional Improvement

Residency and Professional Improvement

The Celestino Bourroul School of Oncology (ECCB) at A.C.Camargo Cancer Center pioneered the implementation of the 1st Medical Residency Program in Oncology in Brazil, back in 1954. After more than half a century, it has graduated 1,169. Countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela have also sent practitioners to be trained here.


In addition to Medical Residency, which selects candidates through an open competition of tests and titles (public tender) conducted each year by the Health Secretariat of São Paulo (SUS), the School of Oncology is responsible for coordinating the teaching of Professional Enhancement Courses and the Observation Periods.

It offers Medical Residency in the following areas: Surgical Oncology (03 years), Clinical Oncology (03 years), Pediatric Oncology (02 years), Radiotherapy (03 years), Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (03 years), Pathology (03 years), and Head & Neck Surgery (02 years). The program encourages residents to participate in the development of research, theses, abstracts and review articles that enrich their learning and their curriculum vitae. All programs are recognized by the National Commission of Medical Residency (CNRM-MEC).

Improvement Programs (aimed at graduated physicists, dentists, nutritionists and physical therapists): Physics of Radiology (in service of Radiotherapy, duration 2 years), Nutrition (01 year), Physical Therapy in Oncology (01 year), and Oral Cancer (in service of Stomatology, 02 years). Entry to the program takes place annually through an open competition.

There is also the model for Observation Periods, which allows undergraduates nearing graduation to accompany the routines of medical practitioners and begin to identify with the profession. All Observation Periods are accompanied by clinical staff physicians. Applications are accepted year round.