About A.C.CamargoA.C.Camargo Cancer Center



  • Acreditação Canadense

    Qmentum International, Diamond Level

    Certified by the Canadian Council for Healthcare Services Accreditation. The program aims to assess the quality and safety of the healthcare delivered in all aspects of the  institution's services, including: governance, direct care leadership and infrastructure, for the benefit of patients, clients and employees, in accordance with global best practices.


  • ONA

    ONA - Level 3

    The ONA accreditation is a system of evaluation and certification of the quality of the institution's healthcare services. This evaluation system is voluntary, carried out regularly and confidential. It attests to the quality of healthcare by means of a set of defined standards.


  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

    This certification attests to the quality of the institution's Environmental Management System according to the Brazilian standard ABNT NBR ISO 14001. It enables the institution to develop policies and strategic and environmental objectives for its business and promotes improvements and efficiency in the use of resources, such as reducing waste, reducing costs and monitoring environmental aspects and impacts.


  • Certificação DUNS NUMBER

    Duns Number

    In 2010, A.C.Camargo was awarded with Duns Number (Data Universal Numbering System) certificate, granted by Dun & Bradstreet International (D&B), a specialized consultancy evaluating the balance sheet, revenue, financial data, and history of the company. A.C.Camargo is part of a select group that joins companies in more than 220 countries, all entered into a database that is queried by millions of companies worldwide for building safe relations and decision-making during a negotiation. The obtainment of Duns Number aggregates value to the brand and, above all, certifies A.C.Camargo as a strong and reliable company.