Post-Graduate Studies

Post-Graduate Studies

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The degree-oriented graduate program, started in 1997, was the first such program in Brazil in the field of Oncology to be maintained by a Foundation and not in association with a University.

One of the pillars of the excellence of this graduate program is the very history of the Hospital, which, in addition to treatment of cancer patients, has always prioritized education and research since it was founded in 1953.

As pioneers, we have graduated more than 1,000 of the oncologists in the country today. Also the post-graduate program Stricto Sensu has graduated 525 masters and doctors since its foundation.

With the aim of training researchers and higher-education professors, the graduate program at A.C.Camargo Cancer Center, like the other educational activities developed by the institution, goes hand in hand with health care. This is because the experience of the Hospital's physicians and teachers reveals that there is no progress without the practice of study and research. Therefore, upon completing the graduate program, in addition to a specialist in oncology, Brazil gains a qualified, highly discerning healthcare professional, encouraged to continue research efforts that will translate into better care for cancer patients.

It is with this serious and integrated work that the Hospital offers the market the best cancer researchers in Brazil.

Post-Graduate Board

President: Fernando Augusto Soares

Full Members

  • Ana Maria Rodrigues Alves Kuninari
  • Celso Abdon Lopes de Mello
  • Dirce Maria Carraro
  • Elisângela de Jesus Silva
  • Emmanuel Dias Neto
  • Fábio de Oliveira Ferreira
  • Luiz Paulo Kowalski
  • Natalie Kelner de Queiroz
  • Rubens Chojniak
  • Vilma Regina Martins