The A.C.Camargo Cancer Center Library, founded in 1953, is of the utmost importance within the context of the Institution. Registered with the National Book Institute under number 18.445, and with the Regional Board of Library Sciences under number 381, it boasts a collection with an average of 25,000 volumes, including periodicals, books, theses, monographs, and memorials, among others.

The Library's target-public includes practitioners, researchers and scholars in the areas of basic research, clinical treatment and education. Within this context it is recognized as the primary agent of interaction between the activities of teaching and post-graduate research (for degree-oriented and non-degree-oriented courses), specialization courses, professional improvement courses, and medical residency.

In addition to fundamental support to researchers, the library offers assistance to public and private elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, guests accompanying patient, and patients with rare forms of cancer who seek A.C.Camargo for treatment.

Fulfilling its role as a disseminator of information, the library aims to provide all users with the training and support required for research and teaching.

To help guide researchers, the local collection is utilized through the address and reference databases available for research such as the CAPES Periodicals Portal, LILACS, and MEDLINE (PubMed), among others. It has been one of the participating centers of the Brazilian Health Sciences Information network (BIREME - COMUT) since 1975. Since 2008, it has been responsible for indexing all the material produced by the Institution, aimed at raising the efficiency and quality of health-related services, becoming a cooperating center of research.

In addition to on-site service, it also provides service via telephone and email.


Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm.


Application for loan of materials is permitted to all Hospital medical staff members, residents, nurses, nutritionists, social workers, biomedical technicians, graduate students, and collaborators, according to the By-Laws.



Registered library users are permitted to remove material with a limit of up to 3 works per user. If there is no reservation, the material may be renewed up to 3 times through the Home Page ( by the user him/herself, at the library desk, and/or over the telephone. All bibliographic reference items, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodicals (journals/reviews), rare works and special works are non-circulating, and are available only for on-site queries.


This service is available to registered library users to facilitate access to information and to link the library to educational institutions, forming partnerships and enabling the exchange of information. Through an agreement signed with libraries in the city of São Paulo, using the form completed and signed by the librarian of the institution, we request loans of materials of interest to the user that are not available at our library, but are part of the collections of other institutions. Through consultation and depending on availability of the material, the loans are requested following the rules and regulations of both parties.

C) COMUT - SCAD (Bibliographic Exchange - Document Copy Services)

This service is available to users for a fee. The library of the Antonio Prudente Foundation offers search and acquisition of research materials not available in the CAPES collection or Portal, through the documento copy service (SCAD) under the responsibility of the Virtual Health Library (BIREME). Prices can be viewed through the Price List link available from BIREME or at the service counter.