A.C.Camargo Cancer CenterA.C.Camargo Cancer Center

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center

Why A.C.Camargo?

One of the largest oncologic prevention, treatment, teaching and research centers of world, it operates in an integrated and multi-disciplinary basis on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment with success rates comparable to those of large world centers. In a single place, the patient finds everything that is required to his/her treatment.

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A.C.Camargo is known as the largest Latin America scientific research center. The graduate students, physicians and scientists who work at the new center engage in research in the areas of cell/molecular biology, genetics and genomics of cancer.

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A.C.Camargo has education and research as one of the main pillars of the Institution. It offers a consistent and intense educational policy that stimulates and trains students for investigation works.

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