Courses and Events

Courses and Events

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center also offers non degree-oriented graduate courses. Geared toward professionals who have already graduated, these courses are aimed at deepening knowledge in a specific area, providing a differential in their professional training compatible with the scientific and technological development of the labor market.

The non degree-oriented graduate courses at A.C.Camargo, just as the other educational activities developed by the institution, goes hand in hand with healthcare. This is because the experience of the Hospital's physicians and teachers reveals that there is no progress without the practice of study and research. Therefore, upon completing the graduate program, in addition to a specialist in oncology, Brazil gains a qualified, highly discerning healthcare professional, and encouraged to continue research efforts that will translate into better care for cancer patients.

In addition to post-graduate programs, the institution offers a range of ad hoc courses, aimed at training, improving and updating knowledge in various areas of oncology, starting at mid-level, with the aim of developing skills for professional applicability. These courses are open to applicants who meet the requirements established by the Institution and award a certificate to those who successfully complete the course, according to the criteria established in each course.

The classroom courses feature diversified and updated annual curricula. The credit hours/workload varies with the objective of each course. Classes may take place at the Study Center or at the Hospital itself. The training courses maintain the quality required by the Institution, aimed at developing skills for one's professional life.

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center, in its role as an educational center of excellence in the health sciences, is at the leading edge in the use of modern information and communication technologies applied to quality education, and is now offering Distance Learning (DL) courses as well.