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About A.C.Camargo

About A.C.Camargo

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center was founded in the post Second World War period on April 23, 1953, a time when talking openly about cancer was not common, as it was a disease not associated to healing. Today, in the quality of Excellence Center, the hospital works in ambulatorial and surgical prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of over 800 types of identified cancers, divided into more than 40 specialties.

Its spirit of forming specialists and scientific knowledge accompanies it as from the beginning of its history. In 1953, the first Oncology Residency Program of Brazil was born. With this program, A.C. Camargo began the tripod that supports it until today, that is, teaching, research and medical assistance.

The Clinical Body is formed by over 500 specialists doctor with interdisciplinary actuation, providing to each of its patients the entire treatment for all kinds of illnesses. Here, the patient finds the most advanced Image and Molecular diagnosis, oncology surgeons with wide expertise and state-of-the-art structure for Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and supplementary therapies.

The soul of A.C.Camargo is the individualized follow-up offered in all areas. Each case is discussed by surgeons, clinical oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, among other specialists. And every one of them is focused in offering to the patient the most effective clinical conduct.

Another difference is the fact that the clinical support offered to patients and their caretakers is originated far from the offices, in the teaching environment and on research benchs.

In 2012 A.C.Camargo published 181 scientific papers* in international magazines and develops each year joint works with advanced centers headquartered in 11 different countries.

As regards teaching, A.C.Camargo created the first Oncology Residency Program of the country, responsible for the formation of over a thousand oncologists since its creation in 1953.

Its post-graduation program, created in 1997, received the highest score during this entire decade by CAPES, thus becoming the best Oncology school of the country, considering private and public schools, and one of the two best in Medical Teaching.

A.C.Camargo treats approximately 15 thousand new cancer cases every year, the largest number in the country, with 5% of cases coming from South American, Central American and European countries, mainly Spain and Portugal, and also Africa and Asia.

In 2012 performed an average of 11 thousand surgeries, 70 thousand pathology anatomy analyses, 60 thousand chemotherapy sessions in 62 chemotherapy rooms, 225 thousand image diagnosis tests and 400 thousand ambulatorial services. The Institution has six last generation mammogram equipment and performs more than two hundred mammograms and almost six thousand ultrasonographies per month.

These professionals' dedication and interaction in interdisciplinary activities result in treatment presenting the best success rates, only comparable to those of the main oncology centers, globally.

Source: SCImago