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About A.C.Camargo

About A.C.Camargo

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center was founded in the post Second World War period on April 23, 1953, a time when talking openly about cancer was not common, as it was a disease not associated to healing. Today, in the quality of Excellence Center, the hospital works in ambulatorial and surgical prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of over 800 types of identified cancers, divided into more than 40 specialties.

There are more than 200 oncologists with interdisciplinary actuation, providing to each of our patients the entire treatment for all kinds of illnesses. Here, the patient finds the most advanced Image and Molecular diagnosis, oncology surgeons with wide expertise and state-of-the-art structure for Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and supplementary therapies.

The soul of A.C.Camargo is the individualized follow-up offered in all areas. Each case is discussed by surgeons, clinical oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, among other specialists. And every one of them is focused in offering to the patient the most effective treatment.

Another differential is the fact that the clinical support offered to patients and their caretakers is based on scientific research.

Its spirit of forming specialists and scientific knowledge accompanies it as from the beginning of its history. Since the foundation in 1953, A.C.Camargo Cancer Center bases its actions on cancer prevention, treatment, teaching and research. In the same year, was created the first residency program in oncology in the country. Today A.C.Camargo has graduated over than 978 specialists.

As pioneers, we have graduated almost half of the oncologists in the country today. Also the post-graduate program Stricto Sensu, has earned the institution one of the highest evaluations from of the Ministry of Education / CAPES in National medicine.

These professionals' dedication and interaction in interdisciplinary activities result in treatment presenting the best success rates, only comparable to those of the main oncology centers, globally.